Friday, September 13, 2013

The Eyes Have it..

Ever since my darling husband has got his swanky new car, he seems to be turning all eyes... and I have seen so myself. I have to admit, at first I felt strange but then i just turned the other way. But poor him, he is feeling the pressure ... and yes. Yesterday, Kunal said the inevitable. A little background about Indian people - we are big believers of OMENS. We take a u -turn when the black cat crosses our path. We get told off atleast once, to stay indoors during major eclipses. So im guessing, even if you dont believe in the EVIL EYE - when things point you to it... you sit back and think... as he thought... "Maybe I should get a Turkish Eye for my protection" , Kunal said.. Ofcourse i told him off at that point in time. If anything education has taught us, is that do not fall into these things. Next you know you are wearing different stones on each finger. Your entire house has furniture moved. you sell your business cause yours stars are not aligned and so on...
Spooky alert.. today is Friday the 13th ! 
But if I was to get him an Eye... look at how many things that literally caught my "EYE" - had I not shot the idea out in the first place !!! 
Eye fabric $18/yard
Eye Charm $16
Eye Plate $156
Eye Fabric $17.50/yard
Eye planters and bowl by Helen Levi, $110 and $50
Ojos Cuff $165
Gold Cat’s Eye Ring $2690 (Just for fun)

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