Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Your Pet Day !

pet beds and homes
It's LOVE YOUR PET DAY TODAY ...  I have always wanted a DOG... and I cannot remember one occassion where I have made it clear a Million times over to everybody... I want a Labrador... You know that I have a “thing” for well-designed pet products.  I think that the chew toys and dog beds of yesteryear have made strides in innovative and stylish design, and some may say, have become pieces of artwork in their own right. (Most probably won’t say that, but I do!)
As one who appreciates great pet product design, I thought I would round up a gift guide of some of what I consider to be the best in the pet world.  There is SO much (too much) great design out there these days, so I hope this little roundup inspires you to seek out even more.  I think it is always an extra special gift when you can find something beautiful and functional all in one, and I know that any of the pet lovers, pet owners and pets on your list would appreciate these items (I even included a couple things for the fish-lovers in your life)!  Happy Bow/Meow-lidays! 
1. Scratching post and cove, $65 | 2. Ikat dog bed, $39-$50 | 3. Fringed dog bed, $100 |4. Mountain fish bowl, $170 | 5. Igloo bed, $227 |  6. Milk carton house
pet toys
1. Rope Ball Toy, $9 | 2. Catnip fish, $6 | 3. Squirrel cat toy, $20.50 | 4. Push Pin Toy, $10 | 5. Puppy Biscuit Block Toy, $8
See the full guide after the jump…
pet bowls
1. Diamond geo bowl, $54-$102 | 2. Fish and meow bowl, $22.50 | 3. Clear Dog Bowl | 4. Dipper bowl, $16-$20  | 5. Metal stand bowls, $34
dog leashes
1. Red pattern leash, $26 | 2. Metallic silver leash, $145 | 3. Yellow stick leash, $18 | 4. Contrast color leash, $32 | 5. Rope dog leash, $30
pet carriers
pet collars
pet lover swag
1. Pop art kitty poster, $30 | 2. Fish bowl, $98 |  | 3. Cat loafers, $595 | 4. Boston Terrier scarf, $144 | 5. Cat lamp shade, $56 | 6. Pink cat sweater, $135 | 7. Bulldog sweatshirt, $36 | 8. Dog book ends, $21.99

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