Monday, January 10, 2011

Package your goodies

So, From the time I remember shopping at malls came into being somewhere in 1990's.. i was all but 10 and I remember walking into Shopper's Stop. My favourite thing about shopping there was not the mall experience. But at the end of your fine shopping experience a lovely lady beyond the cash counter asks you if you need it gift wrapped for free !!

So, my passion for packaging my goodies started then. Every little thing I bought - even if it was a small lip balm I got it gift wrapped. if I got 4 things, I would individually pack the 4 things seperately. The job of opening a crisp packing is something i cherish !! It's my best part of receiving anything.

Up until my 18th birthday - my parents and sister would make sure they package everything right. My sister excels at packaging stuff. Her company Creative Chase - do some fabulous things for people.

But now, apart from the gift I get from my sister - nothing is packaged : ( i hate having grown old for this reason. I have picked out some ways you can probably package your gifts or goodies. Maybe, you can even give me something : )

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