Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be blown away

An incredibly smart friend of mine told me something one night, quite some time ago, that I’ve carried with me ever since. It was one of those moments, the kind just pleading for some profound commentary… for something beautiful to be said amidst the smoke and the music. And, she said it. In a little bar in Dubai as the live singer sang out, she took my hands and looked me in the eyes and said this…
“Be blown away… When you fall in love, never settle for anything less than being blown away…”
I wrote that down in 2008, but I return to it because the truth remains as relevant as it was years ago....

The weekend just went by was incredible. Kunal and I did not do anything out of the ordinary. We did some wedding related stuff, we had a drinking night with my brother-in-law .. introducing him here for the very first time (**drum roll**) Bijoy Shah (eligible Bachelor, soon to be 26 ) , we fought... or rather we argued, we made up... !!! and then all of a sudden, the whole weekend got tossed from being on ordinary weekend to a one worth remembering !! he did 2 things 
1. We got incredibly wasted on Thursday night and we hadnt fully recovered till about friday late evening. And as exhausted as he was too he drove my car from his house to mine and installed me back at my house and then took the rickshaw back home in the middle of night - all with a smile !!! 

2. Just when our Sunday had not even started, he waited all morning and then waited a little more while i picked up clothes for my uncle outside a store.. to come give me my 100,000 viewers present !!! Woooohhooooo. i had been eyeing this watch for a little over 6 months and just when I saw the box my heart skipped a beat. i knew what was inside the silver wrapping paper... but i just did not want to jump at it !!! Lest it didnt turn out that. But knowing "The Kunal Shah' that i am engaged too ... I just knew it what this man is upto. his over the top, out of the ordinary, king size gestures... makes ever living moment worth it !! Sometimes I ask myself - that it should always remain the gesture and not the gift that is important in our lives... and i hope that keeps me grounded for life !
So here i am... all sickly, in love with my new Guess collection watch !!! Just btw - I got a similar one in White as my engagement present... so I did get told that im making a guess collection show room at home !! But what the heck !!
"The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along."
- Rumi

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