Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Shy

One of the things I love about being in a long-term relationship is the traditions that we have. Every morning he calls me as soon as he sits in the car when he leaves for work, every weekend we go out to a nice brunch or dinner and listen to "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" on the drive home, every 22nd I buy him a monthly gift. Every now or then he comes up with sweet nothings and sometimes with over the top gestures of love ! 

Like today, after our morning sweet nothings... he messaged me saying he needs to make an appointment to sit and review some amazing restaurants and bars when we go to our honeymoon ! I am amazed that on most days he will forget the bigger things.. and on most days he will remember to do the smallest of things ! 

Sometimes the traditions are sweet and sometimes they're silly; sometimes they're formed on purpose and sometimes on accident. One at a time, they might not feel so significant, but added up all together they turn into something special.

I love being in Love with a certain Mr Kunal Shah !! ** Happy Shy ** 



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