Monday, November 26, 2012

I am grateful...

Happy Thanksgiving, loves. I just want to take a time-out before the wedding festivities begin to count my blessings and express my gratitude for a few things on this earth...

  • The tiny closet that Kunal Shah has help me build in a place i call my new home. 
  • My fiance sitting on the sofa right next to me with our feet propped infront of the tele.
  • My blog that builds in intensity. 
  • My grandmother's life lessons.
  • The pounding rain, the crispy cool winters, the Mumbai sunshine all in perfect harmony. 
  • My parent's healthy purrrr.
  • The openness of strangers. 
  • My endless curiosity. 
  • The warmth of my bed in the morning.
  • My DiDi's exuberant giggles. 
  • The dusty scent of old books.
  • My besties' love.
  • The wonder of the moon.
  • My hot hands around a cold cup of coffee.
  • The remembrance of dreams. 

  • And I cannot forget you. My readers, friends and support. Thank you for always coming by.

    Did you Have a wonderful long weekend ? Kuks and I are waiting for Dec 7 when we can finally not have anything in our to-do list... actually Dec 10 when we are off to Peru and Ecuador.

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