Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dear Mr Subroto Roy... Sub : CWG

Dear Mr Subroto Roy,
Greetings ! This morning I woke up to the most pleasant full page advertorial I have seen. Without mincing any words, this publicly written letter has hit bulls eye with the people of India. This issue has been on my mind for many days now. But a letter from me to the EDITOR of Mumbai mirror was obviously lost in the mail. While you must have paid to get it published pulling your corporate strings. None the less, the point has been noted by our fellow country men. And for that i want to thank you.
What is the first rule of the civilized world ? If you are divided, then people will rule you. This international portrayal of India – publicly tarnishing Indian democracy, the government, the Indian companies on contract, red tapeism, bad infrastructure, Indian hierarchy, the board of the Common wealth games and their kith and kiln. Where is it going to get us ?

In some ways I think India is standing on the border – literally 2 months away from the deadline. What is it going to take to not only save the face of India but be victorious with as many soldiers un-wounded as possible ? This is the real question that needs to be addressed. But instead this constant humiliation of the Indian Way of doing things is creating such negative publicity.

I would like to bring to your notice, that South Africa who recently hosted the world cup games is the most dangerous country of this world. I personally know of 3 families who have lost their bread-earners in this unsafe country. And yet – right before the game, all one could constantly hear in chorus from this united country is their PLEA to attract people to their country. Where is this spirit in India. why haven’t we learnt anything from our past ? Why are we not united to save our country ? Why hasn’t the government put in additional forces to help save face ? Why is it that we only hear of pressure to resign or withdraw funds ?

As a little child I remember fighting with my siblings when the guests come with only 1 bar of chocolate. My mother would intervene and take that bar of chocolate away to avoid conflict. She would say you can fight after the guests are gone. Where is that mother figure in CWG committee and the rest of India debacle. Why is the media playing the STEP-SISTER ? Why can’t we first focus on helping meet deadlines and then talk about internal issues. If it has gone this wrong economically and politically, a little more damage will make no difference. But if we continue this way – damning the CWG then it will make a big difference.

So while the whole world is in AWE of our great country with our India shinning stories, the other half of us criticize those working towards achieving this honour to host the common wealth games bestowed upon us. Do not get me wrong, I am not in favour of the scamsters. But I agree with you when you say that this issue can be discussed internally post the games. This will save our faces when India is ready and bidding for bigger games like the Olympics or FIFA.. So that the international media can focus on What we are going to ACHIEVE, rather than what we are FAILING MISERABLY AT.

I hope this letter is digested well by fellow INDIANS. I am proud of your move !

Your Fellow Indian,

Disha Doshi


  1. Hey Disha

    A really thought provoking post ! In India , Scams and corruption is everywhere . it is publicly aknowledge fact that only 40 percent of funds allocated to goverment projects end up being spend fruitfully ! So why single out this Common wealth game ! BCCI is the centrestage of corruption , That does nt change our attitude or affinity towards cricket does it ! It is a shame indeed that we are seen fighting publicly right before the Games . i dont think any International events will come our way , If this is the way we approach the Games !

    Kudos for bringing an eye opener here !

  2. Good post. I wish someone like Sridharan (of Delhi Metro fame) takes over CWG and does some justice..

  3. hey Disha...lovey arical ...i lovd it ..we shud b united for our pride ...

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  5. well,
    i just don't agree with this.
    your thinking is good initially.
    but as Mr. Subroto and you said that let us forgot all the things and make the games successfull and then we can get back to those who are responsible for this problems,
    But my dear friends these would never going to be happen at all as usual.

    and that is the main reason no one is scared of doing such scams.

    i agree , we need to come together to make the games successful but we also need to come together to ask the government about taking a strict action to those who make this situation.
    Every one is corrupted. Not only the Kalmadi but the CWG members as well including Fanel and huper or whatever.

    Why we indian common man have to suffer and pay for what we never done.

    We all want to save the proud of india, but why we never think to stop facing this situation again and again.

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