Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Promoted by the Association against Cruelty towards Fat People

Ever wondered if you had Hrithik Roshan’s sculpted body ? Ever wondered what it would be like to gorge on your favourite desert several times a day without thinking of your calorie intake ? Ever wondered why the weighing scale is being such a bitch to you ? Ever wondered how revenge would taste so sweet when you shed all those extra kilo’s and stand with a perfectly curved body in front of your EX ??

Each day I spend a better part of my day swimming, walking, not eating, thinking about all the good food and a weight target I cannot achieve. And if this was not enough, I never seem to find something perfectly fitted and sexy looking to wear to parties. And just when I think I look good enough in a dress that has eaten up half my salary – I walk into a room full way too skinny girls talking about their weight issues !

Gone are these days – I DEMAND a FAT SUCKER technology ASAP. This magic wand is true to what it’s name is. It Sucks every inch of Fat and then vibrates and decomposes the fat from your desired part of the body. This little gadget has a controlling panel – which helps you regulate the speed at which the suction pad can vibrate.

1 packet of Easy Fat Sucker comes with
1. A Pen device – choose from a whole range of colours
2. A body lotion to avoid friction and easy movement
3. A micro-fiber hand-towel
4. Time Calculator

Instruction Manual :
1. Insert 2 new AA Battery.
2. Switch on the Power Button.
3. Set the time. Use the time calculator to determine your usage time.
4. Enter start and hold the device as though you are holding a pen at the desired area of Fat loss.
5. The vibrating suction pad will now decompose deep layer fat.
6. Enjoy weight loss at the tip of a button.

Please note : Decomposition of Fat has no side effects. Promoted by the Indian Medical Researchers against Obesity. Marketed by the Craving to look like a goddess or a greek god association of the world & The final Battle of Intelligent minds v/s good looking people who get away with anything association of the universe !

Ahhh.... !!! Wouldn’t this be BLISSFUL ?? Can you imagine looking your sexy best day in and day out ? I can’t wait to use my demanded technology !!

p.s. - This blog entry is a submission for the I DEMAND Contest. Parameter : Blog about a technology that you wish existed, or improvements to a technology- it doesn't matter how crazy your idea is!


  1. woohooo to Fat Sucker!!! I am promoting your post, right this minute.

  2. Good idea. It's infinitely better to own a Fat Sucker than to be called one :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! In fact sooner or later such a device is likely to come with the advance in technology. How I wish I could weigh just 75kg instead of !!!

  4. how much is this and where can i get it

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