Friday, April 29, 2011

Monsoon thoughts !

The scorching heart of Mumbai is less painful when I think or the Monsoons... The arrival of the first showers reminds me that everything dirty will be washed away. Everything is going to look fresh, seem fresh... And breathe Fresh. Such is my case - where I want to feel something FRESH. These stale thoughts are leading me no where. Infact on most days I feel myself spiraling downwards... #worstfeelingever


  1. Spiraling downwards towards a reality which just doesn't exist anymore always gets the best out of us, and sometimes makes us vulnerable towards making a change which we are not sure will make us happy in the future. In this dilemma, we are supposed to just halt and be in the present. The challenge is to realise where are you really placed - as reality can sometimes be a prison - and we need to let go.

    A well wisher

  2. The rain is truly a blessing from the heavens:) Lovely pictures!



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