Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Famous and Waiting to be Rich now !!

There are 2 aspects of the human mind that I have come to know in the last 48 hrs with certain clarity. When they say – you will know when you sail in that boat – you will know. So I sailed in that boat to know them FOR SURE. So what happened in the last 48 hours ! A couple of days ago in one of my entries I told you about how I got photographed for Inc Magazine. It is out and here is the link for the same.

I’m featured on the 26th Page of the magazine – and 28th page of the PDF File. After the much dilly dallying over the make up and costume bit – the actual day of the shoot is nothing but a feeling of discomfort in my head. I am more of a behind the camera person off late – and all my thoughts about Oh, I would love to be centre of attention – have now a different perspective. So 2 things happened. Both Revolve around Human Emotions.

1. The Human Mind loves Flattery. And Questions who it is coming from and Why.
While most people close to be seem to be having their own shit to deal with – so there is yet to be a celebration of sorts. And I thought like in the movies I would declare a party and have 50 people flowing in with the booze and the attitude. That did not happen, is my reality. Some close one is in the hospital, so people are tending to her. Others are busy in their bullshit. A few others didn’t have time to read – even though I delivered it to their mailbox. Others that read got so caught up in work that they didn’t have time to send their much love.
And then there are the unexpected. Those that took their time off to let me know how proud they are to know a person like me, words of encouragement, some critical words to make sure I do well in the future. Some in plain awe of me, and some who half expected me to succeed- but are only surprised it was so early in life !!

2. The Human Mind shrivels up looking at no one around to share their happiness with.
I have been in a constant fight with my best friend for over last 7 months. To a point where the period of 10 days before the magazine came out we didn’t see each other, we didn’t talk to each other, but made each other’s life living hell messaging from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Much of what was exchanged was un-needed, and uncalled for... we didn’t mean half of those things we said... but we did. And that’s our reality. So when the magazine came out – the first reaction was Who the fuck to i share this happiness with ? So it didn’t matter that I have 10,000 other people who I knew would be happy for me. What mattered is that she is not around !!

Both of which is now resolved. She emailed, we met and we have hopefully conquered ! And the immediate family despite all the shit that is happening will now congregate at a celebratory dinner Friday night !!! LOVE in today’s world comes but in a delayed FASHION. Life is not BOLLYWOOD film after all. It is just the human mind that needs slight training !!!

Of course my thoughts on the magazine.
1. I love being famous
2. I love the fact that there were so many words of encouragement
3. I love the fact that I am happy I am in Inc. But I can’t wait to be on Forbes list now !
4. I love that I love being ahead in the race
5. I love that people around me cheer me up each time I tend to settle for no 2.

Do check out the link and let me know what you think !!! YIPPIEEEE !!

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