Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Everything in my life has always happened in the extremes... Because I have let it get to that level. I am moved only when things are too early or two late !! And more often than not - I start planning way in advance and then over a good period of time stress myself over it !!! In the last couple of weeks I have been loosing hair and my teeth clutter at night - Kunal has been constantly complaining of this. I have been offered only 1 advice by a 100 different people - CALM THE F#$K DOWN !! So here's me being a little more fussy - If I am asked to meditate it has to be in my prefered enviorment !! Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice is a helpful book if you dont really understand my need to have a designer meditation place !! 
1. The physical. It’s difficult to quiet your mind if you are physically uncomfortable. So a meditation cushion can be really helpful. The type of cushion you want is completely personal, but usually, it’s more comfortable if your knees are on the floor and your hips are slightly raised.
2. Consider a screen to keep your space private and reserved just for meditation.
3. Consider bringing natural elements into your space. Maybe a beautiful rock you found on a hike or a seashell from a special beach vacation. Or even a favorite plant.
4. Statuary. Probably most common is the Buddha, but really anything that calms and centers you is great. I really connect with Krupaludev, the remover of my obstacles. Most days, I feel like there are certainly obstacles in my life that could use removal. I like to begin my meditation sessions with a chant to my Krupaludev.
More meditation space tips after the jump . . .
6. Consider scent. A scented candle or incense can help you relax and center yourself.
7. Use a japa mala, a string of 108 beads used to count mantras. You repeat the mantra 108 times, using the beads to count. Different types of beads are best paired with specific mantras. (Here are some examples of mantras and links to recommended malas.)
8. Think about colors that center and focus you and consider incorporating that color into your meditation space.
9. Sound can also be important. Incorporate fountains or chimes or consider starting your meditation with a singing bowl.

Image above: Empire Kilim Rug, $79–$849

Image above: Hand-cast Buddha, $200

Image above: Meditation Chair, $299 (good if you have trouble sitting on the floor for extended periods of time)

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