Thursday, June 27, 2013


I wish this year for my birthday... I am surprised by somebody, anybody.. and i get a pet dog.. So in honor of my hunt great hunt for a cute but functional new leash to go on my future dog's harness, I decided to share my top 20 leashes that I’ve been bookmarking around the web. From girly and ombre to classic and leather, there’s an option here for any dog and hopefully something that might suit the owner’s style, too. [Image above: RESQ Leash $50]
*Please note these leashes should be attached to harnesses or collars that are safe for your dog’s size and condition. Not all leashes are right for all dogs so please read the description for each item before ordering.
Shopping sources and more leashes continue after the jump!

Image above: 1. Found Leash in Olive Ombre $64 | 2. Arrowhead leash $30 | 3. Black & Cream Leash $30 | 4. Mod Leaves Leash $38 | 5. Pink Rope Leash $35 | 6. Yellow leather leash $52.50 | 7. Triangle pattern leash $28 | 8. Preppy green leather lead$160 | 9. Flagged Leash $13-$16 | 10. Pink ombre rope leash $56-$60

Image above, left to right: Marbled red rope lead $42, Green rope lead $42

Image above, clockwise from top left: Ella Dish leash $36, Polka dot lead $14+, Braided leashes $34 each, Hello! leash and collar set $25, Vintage jute leash $25, Ella Dish leash $36, Gingham lead $36

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