Friday, September 24, 2010

My Eureka moment !

So, Yesterday I had a Eureka Moment while writing the most crucial turning point of the love story I am currently working on. Yes ! i have completed the very first draft of my story !! It makes me excited. It's the only thing that has helped me survive these last few torturous days. Okay, i did not run aound naked screaming Eureka, but it surely helped me eleviate from the dull soddy mood I have been in.

Maybe I started believing the character I was writing about... and I was jealous of her and her lovely life. all the boys and the drama surrounding her. when did Fiction become so interchangeable with real life ?? Is this even possible ? It is said that good writers emerge from the miseries of their personal life - I cannot understand
1. Whether or not i will ever get into the big league of Writers
2. Even if my dream comes true - Do I have to live in the misery ? Such unbearable pain? so many mind games ? such hatred !

Why do good things in life come after a big personal sacrifice ? Whether or not a publisher fairy will come my way ? whether or not reader well-wishers will push my fancy lofty ideas of being in the big league ahead...Only time will tell... whether all this will prove its worth.


  1. would love to read it... we do get entangled with the characters, we create. I am following the same path.

    What is it you are doing for publishing? Would like to have a tip or two... and willing to share any info I have. You can drop a mail to


  2. hmm hope to read your story one day :) ,,,nd m quite sure u will be a famous writer one day

  3. @ Siddesh.. I havent really thought of publishing it yet. I am only concentrating on the writing. Once I know my bearings i will def email you.

    @ Solitary Writer.. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement.



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