Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Photo : Diwali 2009, GOA

A Big shout out to my second dad Bhavesh Doshi.. He is undergoing a major heart surgery this morning 09/06/2011– I wish you a speedy recovery !! May god bless you. Our happiness is when we are all together chilling during Diwali vacations, enjoying family conversations and surrounded by good food… ! We are meant to be this way – and I wouldn’t want anything different in "the perfect picture" memory to change.. ! <3 you.

Photo : Diwali 2011, CYPRUS -- The game that will travel the rest of the world- CHAUPAT

Best Wishes Via Blog from All the 7 OVERSIZED DOSHI's, 1 - 1/2 MEHTA 1/2 DOSHI and 1 FULL MEHTA !!

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