Monday, June 6, 2011

Chick Alert @ Vero Moda Sale

When FASHION meets DISCOUNTS and the word SALE is attached to it – KHALLAS... You can expect there to be a CHICK-ALERT-A THON count downing to the day event. The Boxing Day Sale/ Labour Day Sale/ Christmas Sale day’s of around the world experience could be got in Amchi Mumbai for the Saturday Sale of Vero Moda/ Jack and Jones in their Khar – Linking Road outlet.

My friends and I like every other girl bundled up together – leaving all other important things called MONEY MAKING – to go and do some MONEY SPLURGING. I am not a big big fan of this place, but I don’t ever refrain from “checking out the scene”... And so we went. At first I couldn’t understand why the traffic was being held up by Santacruz Police station – just as your turn away from Juhu Tara Road extension. However – chattering about how we are going to go and raid the store kept us busy to not realise that it took over 20 mins to just travel less than a kilometre.

Much to our surprise, as we drove past Vero Moda – and saw the serpentine queue of GIRLS of all shapes and sizes chattering and almost littering the ever quite by-lanes of Khar/ Santacruz – you know that something’s up !!
It almost looked like the place was throwing free clothes. Women on the 3rs floor standing were seen next to the mannequin, searching high and low for that dress they have been eyeing for the last couple of months to go on SALE ! Guys lined up too – but were typically lesser in number.

We did not have the courage and the patience to join the queue – and so we drove past – all the way till Bandra and ended up eating a wholesome BRUNCH. Something which has become a bigger pass-time than any other activity for us girls.

Of course – it was only after a good brunch and a hard day at work, when we decided that we did not want to miss an experience ! So my sister and I decided to BRAVE the crowd and enter at 10 p.m. We were given an easy entry – presumably most people had finished shopping. Little did we know that they must have ravaged the entire space. The Place looked like it had just about managed to SURVIVE A WAR.

There were more clothes lying on the floor than they were on the racks. All the sizes were mixed up and people were treating items like a Rs 3295 jacket like a piece of RAG. Being a frequent visitor – since my friend AMI GATHANI and my sister DHWANI DOSHI are mad-shopped of Vero Moda – i knew some of the clothes i had never seen on the racks. Looked more like items shipped from Bangkok only to make a quick buck. And even if they were not – the way they were displayed made it feel like a garage sale.
The best items were already sold – i didn’t expect a miracle purchase anyway !! I had only gone to check the scene out. I did manage to find a nice top on the highest rack – having escaped the hands of a few 1000 girls who must have shopped there. But when I went to try it – the staff seemed overworked, hungry and exhausted and hence couldn’t care less to help me with my size or colour – not that I asked – i was just petrified at the woman who was screaming her lungs out “NO MORE THAN 3 ITEMS.” Of course it wasn’t her fault – it is something the management should have foreseen and planned in advance.

But it was an experience to see WOMEN still at it – buying clothes after clothes after clothes !!! We ended up buying lesser than we actually buy paying 100% MRP + TAX and minus the QUE... but as they say everything is an experience.

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