Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Lesson for mothers !

Had someone told me that gujrati cooking is the easiest in the whole damn world – i would have started cooking at the tender age of 12 and rocked it by now. Ofcourse, my mother told me a couple of thousand times to start cooking – but for all the wrong reasons.

Wrong reason #1
Your mother-in-law will say your mother didn’t teach you well
( This is how mother-in-law's get a hated image -- when the girl is just all but 3)

Wrong reason #2
The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach
(Who cares what he likes, don't you have a stomach which needs to be pleased too ?)

Wrong reason #3
What is you do not have a cook
(Mum, If I was born to Bill Gates - I would have a pastry chef, an Italian chef, A Mexican Chef, A Chinese Chef ... and a host of other chefs -- and even better I would hire sous chefs and assistants and everyone !!! -- But I live in a real world. I can deal with it !)

Wrong reason #4
This one comes when they are very angry for you spending all that money – What if tomorrow you are poor – god forbid you have this skill and you can start a snacks business of your own.
( If it ever comes down to starting a snack business -- I wouldnt be making khakhras from home !! I would start something more exotic like -- Herbed butter or something more gourmet)

Had she in plain simple words ever told me – Listen Girl – there is Mitthu, Marchu, Haldar, Dhana Jeeru and Salt and Sugar to taste in every bloody vegetable that you cook gujju style – simple and straight in the face – i would work my magic through the years ! but now – at 24 – Marriageable age – that I am learning cooking. I am liking it – but would be loving cooking had these stupid things not come my way... Cant wait to raise a daughter and a son and make them love cooking for the pleasures of cooking !!!

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