Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vod-Ch-Ra-ka or Vod-Ra-Ch-Ka ?

So a few years ago - I went for Raghuvir - my best friend's birthday to salt water grill. This amazingly located restaurant is now shut ! What a shame ... Nothing worthy of staying ever stays in the city of Mumbai. however - apart from this - it was the first time that I dined with his girl friend Chhavi Sodani - which is an amazing memeory.. But another one of the first was when I tried for the very first time Watermelon Vodka. SO it was basically vodka with fresh watermelon juice as a chaser. But the most heavenly part of the drink was those ice-cubes in the form of FROZEN WATERMELON PIECES soaked overnight in VODKA.. !!

With every little bite into these cubes, the vodka oozed out.. !!! These pictures remind me of this first party with this couple who are going to tie the knot soon. Ofcourse - what would be perfect for this reception is a drink that i associate with them coming together !!! Sad thing is that my bummer as I fondly call him is now a Wine Drinker, but hey - who can complain when they have a watermelon mojito popsicle named after their togetherness ??

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  1. Sound really good, will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.



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