Sunday, June 13, 2010

London, The City of my Dreams

London... For 10 years of my life I was convinced LONDON has to be my home. I even pretended to take the 7 hour flight on a regular basis.. and start preparing myself for jet-lags etc. Each time I would go there, I fell more and more in love with that city.

Being an Indian tourist we predominatly went to London in the summer. I loved that crisp summery breeze, the sun playing hide and seek. I called it the personality dis-order.. Sunshine, Cloudy, Rains, Wind ...all packed in One day. The wide streets of London - Oxford Street, Baker Street, filled with people shopping pulled me towards them. Ducking in and out depending on weather, the people always prepared for everything and yet look so stunning beautiful. Running and making it under the store canopy just in time to not get wet. Enjoying the warm controlled air - sip on a latte on the go from Starbucks. These are my favorite sites and sounds of LONDON. The city of my dreams.

Summers for Londoners also means that they bring out that book that they always wanted to read... And walk through Hyde Park, find their spot and they sit and read for hours together. Children on Play dates, Lovers strolling hand in hand, an old couple enjoying an evening out. Bombay can never have that... This is what I miss about being in London. Having a park and strolling in it leasurily.

Its also a place where the old, the new, the contemporary, the bohemian chic, the punk, the urban, the vintage... everything co-exisits. It is truly a melting pot of genres ! I Love London... And I love the man who showed me his city... I fell in Love with him when I was all but 13... And I cant really tell whether I still love him or not, but I definately Love his CITY... !

I came across this cute little book shop somewhere near BOND Street. It was a rainy day.. Everything was grey and dull, but the brightness of this little bookshop attracted me towards it.

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