Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crayons... Now Edible

When I was a little girl I spent the better half of my day Drawing and Colouring. On most days even today I miss it. But a course in Business Management and then busy being a bad girl and now even though I am back to being half way good, the business doesn’t allow any form of creative expression. I cannot get myself to opening my colours – And I have a lot of them.. !! The most I do now is look at creative arts and crafts and blog about them while sitting in a very plain and dull office block.
It reminds me of my time when my grand-father and I ruled this world. No one else mattered. I started looking at my parents when my grand-father stopped looking at me – when he passed away when I was is 4th standard.

But up until I was that age – three times a year he would get me a big box of crayons. The other kids in the house who stare ! Because I was the only one who got that beautiful big box. I know it feels kind a stupid to say this – “But I was the most loved !” I miss my old man on most days... When I want something Boxed, something gifted.

I also miss him on days when I need a pat on my back. When others critiqued at the dull-ness of the picture, he encouraged me to do more. No picture was a bad composition. Every picture was appreciated. He would even take the picture with him to show to his friends.
Anyway – This flash back came as I came across these cool crayons by Luxirare – They are made completely out of dried fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts. Healthy crayons!

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