Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To do Capoeria or not to do is the question !

“Take the lane opposite Fab india on khar danda road and go till the end. You will see S S Sahney School. And then follow the loud Brazilian beats.” I hung up the phone. It was Saunna giving me directors to the Capoeria Class. Trust me for being inquisitive enough to actually go and see a class just because I heard it was cool. But “Cool” is an understatement.

When she said Loud – I didn’t think she meant "really Loud". I was walking upto the 4th floor. And the nearer I got to the class, the louder the drum beats became. It sounded like some voodoo tribal ritual dance. I finally landed on the 4th floor – I was breathing heavily ! This is lack of physical excercise I said to myself.
I entered the class. If there is a Brazilian community living outside of Brazil – it is here. People of all shapes and sizes – mostly thin and very acrobatic – were warming up for the class dressed in shades of green and yellow - the Brazilian colours. Legs and hands were flying here and there. It didn’t take a minute for someone to get on their hands with their feet in the air. WOW ! That man then started walking on his hands... Something I will never be able to pull off – I said to myself.

Capoeira (Portuguese pronunciation: [kapuˈejɾɐ]) is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil by slaves from Africa, especially from Angola, Mozambique and Congo sometime after the sixteenth century. Participants form a roda, or circle, and take turns either playing musical instruments (such as the Berimbau), singing, or ritually sparring in pairs in the center of the circle. The sparring is marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, takedowns, and with extensive use of leg sweeps, kicks, and headbutts.

After a quick round of some fun warm-up participants started with the ginga – It is basically rocking back and forth; to swing seemed like the fundamental movement in Capoeira. And later, they started doing more complex versions – i couldn’t really capture the names. It ended with the class forming the circle – And in pairs they fought/danced/martial arts displayed and above everything enjoyed the class.

The drum beats got louder, people started hooting and cheering, dancing, singing, jumping up and down – and smiled from cheek to cheek ... laughed. I am in awe of this energy that was flowing in that room.

I left the class thinking – WOW ! This could be a challenge. But is it for me ? i would never be able to do this. A quick call to the teacher – who calls himself Monitor BABA for some reason... he convinced me Capoeira is tough, but it is really for people with a tough mind. So here I am, feeling like a complete looser for having written off Capoeira as not for me ! But I know someday I want to be able to do a cartwheel and walk on my hands. It’s a physical challenge which involved prepping the mind up first.

So while I decide to prep my mind – if you think Capoeira is for you – I say, go for it.

Monitor Baba - 98690 55371



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