Saturday, June 5, 2010

FMB .. The after math !

Yesterday was graduation ! This marked the end of an 18 month period full of learning, new ideas, fun, friends, parties, brunch, lunch, breakfast, and other meals in between these meals, movies, bowling, video-games, hukka-sessions at 10 in the morning, , bunking classes, waking up late and running to class, sleeping in the class, using BB to un-due advantage, eating chocolates un-necessarily, drinking bottled water, waking up with a hang-over and drinking limbo pani from the Bistro, discussing which nerd submitted every assignment, who joined the BB Wagon, who is getting married, who is venturing out into a new business, where he/she is jet-setting on a business trip, on a leisure trip, who is dating and who is fighting, who abused the loudest, who gambled the most, who lost the most money last night at the hostel, who sprayed vomit all over, who slept naked, who danced like a butterfly, who is having girl friend problems !

It also meant that it wouldn’t be un-usual to see someone walking in with a bag on the 4th day of the contact, someone leaving after attending only 2 days, people losing weight in-between contacts, people gaining new partnerships and alliances between now and next contact. Early morning class on Sunday morning means 20 people out of 140, but if it was Menon Sir’s class one would have to find a chair, maybe sit on the raised platform if it was a combined class. 18 months meant that it was enough time to see people change, some people remained the same. Styles and Fashion statements remained constant.

Murti Sir’s class meant that atleast 2 people would have to be thrown out, and those 2 people would be not even at fault.. It would also mean that you would hear a squeaky voice shouting customer from the back of the class-room. Menon Sir’s classroom would mean that you’d be asked a question and doesn’t matter if you do not answer – he will probably take it on him to not having communicated properly. Moradian Sir’s class room meant that approximately 60 pairs of eyes would be rolling from side to side as he moves around the class-room and you will see a couple of people jumping in their seat when the PA system cracks when he shouts – YOU RASCAL ... in CAPITAL BOLD UNDERLINED and ITALICS and then BOX IT. Merchant Sir’s class meant that you would be hearing the same amazing example for the nth time – but it would still mean he is driving a point home.

Here is what I am going to remember a few of my classmates for – some of my best memories of them which is going down history.
Aabhas Dalmia – For being the loudest person after being drunk

Abhishek Agarwal – For being so kind for having given us FMB’s first major party. And then seeing him drunk by the time i got there.

Akash Khetan – Seeing him dance on Bunty aur Babli from some Cardiff Video site

Akshay Sheth – For being a perfect mimic of Murti Sir

Alok Gupta – For always having his patent smile

Aman Chitlangia – For his pose with the Red Glasses in LKF

Amit Jain – For his quest for a soul mate which started with FMB, finally ended at the end of FMB. Congratulations brother

Ankit Setia – For having emailed me once asking for a favour, and then never seeing his face !

Anupam Garude – for sharing the award for the most accented Marathi speaker I have met.

Arjun Diwan – For having being grilled by a faculty (cant really remember which one) – for naming his city

Balkrishan Shah – For his striking resemblance to my brother (as noticed by KB), and also was shocked to learn that someone so innocent looking is a gambler

Deepak Agarwal – For casually walking in one day and announcing he went to agra on the pre-text of a holiday and met Mona, who he is now married to.

Dhruv Maheshwari – Literally being the first person who i spoke to in P1C1

Digvijay Gujral – For always sweetly asking me about my blog.

Gaurav Jain – For being smart, for being sympathized regularly by Anil Menon, and the most un-usual e-invite for marriage I have ever received.

Gautam Jain – for his resemblance to Jerry

Jay Shah – For cracking all the Gujrati jokes, his stock market tips and his compassion to explain to us blondies the world of finance

Ruparel sisters – for getting their way with Jayshree Mam all the time.

Kripesh Sanghvi – For having adopted me as his little sister and always being so kind and generous and loving.

Mahipal Bagadia – for having won 8000 HKD. I couldn’t believe it until he told me that himself.

Meghana Gorukanti – For having said “I know I am going to get bored talking to Ram on the phone, but it is my courtship – so let me enjoy !” And her little umbrella.

Mihir Valia - For calling me DISHU-BEN !

Mohit Sabharwal – For calling me Behna and taking me to each and every relative’s house in Amritsar. And for making me have Paratha, Punjabi style first thing in the morning.

Mustafa Khedwala – for being a thinner version of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Nath Laud – For being the lover boy and being as sweet as a boy can get.

Niraj Khemka – For winning all that money (read my money) when we were playing cards in Lonavala.

Priyanka Gupta – For actually breaking into a song at Rohan’s house party and singing under all that pressure.

Pushkar Shah – For running around Tokyo with Nancy and me ! And regularly entertaining me on G-Talk.

Radhika Tulsian – For her phone calls between contacts, for being so sweet and accommodating always, for all the stay overs at my house, for all her thepla’s and khakra’s and kind motherly nature.

Radhika Bafna – For her tickling laughter, she is my Minnie mouse.

Rohan Shah – For his Gujrati humour and all the times we were rolling on the floor mocking at us gujrati’s. “Amay Dhandhao peda karsu”

Shashank Mehta – For calling me didi.. and entertaining us in MACAU.

Sushil Birla – For being the other most accented Marathi speaker I have known.

Vachan Aggarwal – For his kind gesture on my Delhi trip. And also for being called Ladies Tailor.

Vaibhav Khandelwal – For his shero-shaayri

Vikkram Chheda For being my elder bro always !

Yating Hegde – NO COMMENTS !

Abhijeet Thombre – For having his SLR camera ready to capture all FMB events

Akshay Mehta – For his machine gun laughter ! And taking bhaari to a whole new level

Aliakbar Vahanvaty – For actually having convinced me to buy his products – without any effect !

Ashwin Palshikar – For being the silent one for 18 whole months and exploding into Harini on the very last day.

Bhavya Shah – For taking so much pride in being a Gujrati – and looking out for fellow gujjus. Butt... (There’s no But )

Chetas Shah – For his fancy cars !

Deependra Gadtari – For being so well read !

Dhaval Shah – For running down to Madras Cafe on various occasions.

Dhaval Thakker – For his love for the camera and all his poses throughout the IIV

Harsh Bansal – For our dinner at Basilico in P1C1 ! It was the most random thing.

Harsh Gopani – For bearing with all the nicknames i gave him. GOPU, GOPUDA which Rohan later turned to GOPUDI.

Jatin Patel – For his tact in handling different creatures throughout FMB and especially in the IIV.

Karthik Shetty – For his dancing skills.

Luv Maheshwari – For all the muscle building.. and convincing me to get into publishing !

Mayank Somani – For dancing in that plane on IIV

Nancy Mehta – For being the ultimate Roomie ! and having made me laugh throughout IIV

Nitika Saboo – For having random conversations with her on a very personal level.

Pavandeep Singh – For dancing, screaming, and telling me mein toh Bik Gyaa when he saw a bald picture of me.

Rahul Shah – For being sloshed at his party, and not letting anyone out

Rishab Gupta – For our intellectual long talks

Sahil Jobaila – for emerging out of no-where to become my brother-in-law.

Saurabh Shetty – For inventing the Shetty Dance, for harassing me always and then coming and apologising.

Shravan Boggaram – For talking to me for the first time ever on one of the last few days of the IIV... in the last country.

Shravan Mehra – Mehrasaab ! For calling me month on month for assignments and starting with DD, mein to gaya – bachha lay yaar... and then after receiving the assignments calling me up and saying – yeh toh yaar sirh ke uppar se jaa raha hai saab yaar !

Shriya Siraslewala – Met her during the interview. And for being a bindaas gal.

Snigdha Shevade – For being a feminist in true form and spirit.

Sucheta Goenka – For the smile that brightens up everytime Uff teri adda plays anywhere.

Varun Kathotia – For always being on the phone.. !

Vishrut Shah – For being so hard-working.


  1. DD,
    This is the first time I saw your blog page. Went through most of your blogs. Trust me the way you mentioned everything is really amazing. After reading them it seems like its so easy for your write down on all your feelings/experiences, which in my case is impossible. I will waste thousands of pages if not lacs before I can actually write what is there in my mind. Trust me you are too good and a wonderful soul, be the same always.
    I am waiting to see you getting your PHD (if i remember correctly, you were planning to pursue).
    Wish you all the very best in all your ventures.
    Take care.

  2. DD i completely agree with varun...there is no doubt about ur writing skills... nd blog completely describes the whole of fmb...u too have been a gr8 little sister whom i respect a lot nd feel lucky to hv one. ur one of d few people i met in fmb whom i will always look upon..nd so netime, newhere u hv ne problem u knw i am just 1 call or bbm and god bless always

  3. DD , i also honestly saw ur blog page for the first time..... Its amazing to have the power of expression thru words.... i guess u master it!!!!! This is also one of the finest tributes to the class of FMB - 12 given by you....
    Glad in FMB we made some friends for life..!!!!
    All versatile individuals but yet can relate on a common thinking platform....
    Missed you at Aamby !!!!!

  4. DD,

    What can I even say about you? Just as you are amazing at expressing through words , I have made it pretty obvious with my actions as t what I feel about you! You made the FMB experience a whole lot better just with your addictive smile, your obvious and aggressive passion and the best being not caring about the world and doing in what you believe in!

    Never let this fire within you die and as far as you know people like us I think we will ensure it never does!

    you are a great friend and true in your soul!!( something hard to come by in today's time).

    You stand as a prime example of what a today's woman should be made of!

    You know u always have my best wishes and will always have my untainted support in whatever you do!

    Much love and love you always!


  5. DD,I second what Varun said about ur writing skills.U just summed it so well.I always love reading your blogs and this one was really special...a perfect tribute to FMB.

    I remember seeing you the first time at FMB inaugural bash and had a opinion about you which changed completely after knowing you.

    No offence to the other gals in the course but I really thought you were the most dedicated,committed and hard working gal I have ever met and you could give many of the guys run for their money...

    Through out FMB you were always there for me,always helping me out...I really admire and respect you!!!

    Love you and god bless

  6. Disha!!!
    Amazing write-up!
    keep it up - if u hav the time & if u want to mak u blog bigger & visited by more FMB12 guys ..... may b u could pen down w blog for every contact + IV!!!

    That would make people recall good memories & help us all stay connected in a way!

    Wish u all the very best in life!

    Do keep in touch & drop down when in Malad.

    Jatin S Patel

  7. hi disha.i just read your blog. The fmb seems to be reaaly good and fun. I wish to do it to join fathers business. Can u please give me more details about your experience in FMB. looking forward for your reply.



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