Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will you Marry me ?

This week I am going to be attending 2 different parties... One is Akshay and Payal’s engagement Ceremony and the other is Vikram and Juhi’s Pre-Wedding Bash...! I can’t help but wonder how my view about marriage has changed over the years. When I was about 10 years old I was convinced I wanted to get married the very next day. I would literally dream about getting married to this pretty witty, intelligent, funny smart boy... ! I would run around wearing a Saree, end up spending half my free play time dressing up in front of the mirror. Re-hearsing what I am going to say, how I am going to do things differently. I would also put on heaps of make up, accessorise, and wear shoes too big for my feet. I also wanted to marry in a big family, where there would be tons of people – just like my home.

Then 15 happened ... I became a REBEL. I lived for a year in Belgium – which changed my view about Life in general... I wanted a party boy, who lived each day as it comes, didn’t expect too much out of me, simply put – i wanted someone who would come with me to my parties, wake up late with a hang-over, not call me for the entire day, have no emotional bonding with me, and probably join me straight at my next party ! Of course he has to be the heart of every party – I was pretty loud then, so someone who would scream with me from Bar-Tops !

Then 20 happened..where I became a REBEL SQUARE... I was then living in Dubai. I became NAUGHTY... and my views on having a BAD MAN intensified. Only this time I wanted a BAD MAN, so that I could TAME him. Let me put it this way. There is nothing called TAMING A MAN !! MEN, JUST LIKE WOMEN change only when they want to. So I became a BAD ASS GIRL, only to find out this time, no one wants a bad-ass girl.
Then I came to live with my parents. I turned 21 ! I became OLD. And each passing day wore off my funny ideas about my man ! Everything goes down-hill after 21. At least back then I knew what I wanted. At least the genre of my man was set. But from 21 , up until the present I have been confused.... SMART v/s GEEKY... GOOD LOOKING v/s GOOD HEART... LOADED v/s HARD WORKING... BIG CITY LIFE v/s SIMPLE TOWN... LENSES v/s SPECS... TALL v/s Just about MY HEIGHT... DARK v/s FAIR... PRETTY EYES v/s one who calls me PRETTY EYES... !!! URGH ... !!! The list goes on...

But These people have found THEIR ONE ! HOW ? How did you decide ? When did you know ? What was it that changed your mind ? Are they anything like your EX ? What are your expectations ? When you have wanted so many things, does your “THE ONE” check into 90 % of your list ? These are questions I ask myself each time !
But I know you guys are made for each other ... I see the twinkle in Payal’s eyes when Akshay winks at her from the stage or I see Juhi gloat in pride when without asking Vikram gets her “HER FAVOURITE” drink... When I see my parents who have been together for 27 years now, I cannot help but wonder... Do they ever get tired of loving each other ?


  1. How do you know cannot be answered..since simply we don't know!Our life has been sequenced out right at the beginning so some people meet,some get married,some settle down and some get separated.In the physical world also the body follows a particular path like we get beard at a certain age,cancer strikes us as if a trigger comes on and so on. Likewise our destinies are also programmed and we just follow a path which has been predetermined by some strange methods. Today we do not have the knowledge to understand that huge permutations and combinations of destinies, so we just can live it and be a witness to all that follows or be a victim to it!

  2. I am also trying to fine answer for the similar questions ;)
    And I think every girl of this age (Marriage age) must be having same questions until they found their Mr.Right.

  3. I have had crush and fallen in so-called-love with many a girls, never thought of marrying them just wanted to love them, and the reason was they were like the girls i wanted, they scored well in my list of What qualities my girl should have.

    And then i met this girl, the one and only i ever told my mom about and one n only i ever wanted to marry. I never thought i will be crossing half the country, taking lots of troubles just to meet her. But i did.

    The best thing is, since i met her i never consulted the qualities i want in a girl list of mine, in fact i have forgotten what i wrote in it.

    Simply, because those things known as choice of a partner, or he/she is my type are useless.

    Yes, god surprises you once in your life. You find him or her and you love them, without ever realizing if they are actually the ones you always thought of. Its just that you both feel like attached despite thousands of differences.

  4. compromise is the magic word!
    once you accept that, everything falls into place! and you will find your soulmate!!




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