Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The SketchBook Project

Are you an Artist in your own right ? Do you want to be a part of the The Brooklyn Art Library. then here is what you should do. For $25 thou shall get a book. Every artist who completes their sketchbook and returns will have their book included in the tour. Your book will visit galleries and museums across the USA, putting your art in front of thousands of people. (Psst - this is a great way to add some new lines to your résumé.)

Your sketchbook will be given a barcode with a unique number - this allows you to keep track of your book and record who views it at every tour date and while it's in The Brooklyn Art Library. And after they catalog it, artists will be able to log-on and view realtime statistics about their book for years to come.
So if this is for you, log on to

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